Human resources

Human Resources

Corporate Culture

Job Introduction


M.Tech’s Compass



Smile 2023

Completion of NCS Technology
National Quality Management Award
IPO Achievement (Reinforcement of Existing Business Structure)

Core Value


Respect Humanity
Customer Satisfaction
Innovation as an Inherent Value

Who We Want


Communicative and Collaborative Individual

We seek individuals who collaborate with colleagues, value effective communication with stakeholders, and provide valuable services by understanding customer needs.

Professional and Challenging Individual

We look for individuals with a mindset of actively adapting to environmental changes, constantly challenging themselves, and performing tasks with an innovative approach.

Honest and Responsible Individual

We value individuals who approach their work with integrity, fairness, and a sense of responsibility. Those who engage in honest competition, maintain a sense of ownership, and take responsibility for customer demands and assigned tasks.

Leadership Qualities

As a leader responsible for overseeing the team and business, we seek someone who coaches and leads business innovation, aiming for more effective performance and goal achievement.

A leading role in stimulating motivation among organizational members through interest and care, planning business for goal achievement, and executing actions to drive results.

Taking the lead in developing and securing the expertise required within the department for goal achievement. Implementing and supporting established action plans for the realization of objectives.


Housing Finance Support
Assisting residents in areas outside of Dangjin with their home purchases.
Club Activity Support
Supporting club activities, including basic club fees, travel expenses, and meal support.
In house Cafe
Unlimited snacks and coffee for employees, along with massage chairs and relaxation spaces.
Homecoming allowance and Gifts
Providing allowances and gifts for employees returning home during major holidays, with flexible working hours on the eve of holidays based on company conditions.
Congratulatory and Compassionate Payments
Providing various congratulations and condolence payments for events such as marriages, 60th birthdays, and condolences within the household.
Competency Development Support

Support for acquiring certifications, qualification allowances, job training expenses, support for necessary education expenses, and support for book purchases.

Providing separate summer vacations and Emtech founding anniversary vacations.
Long-Term Service Awards
Providing rewards such as vacation and monetary rewards every 5 years of service.